Apr 2 2008

Zsweet – a natural alternative to sugar

Zsweet - a natural sweetenerSugar can cause many problems for our body such as cavities, high blood sugar levels and lots of calories. Unfortunately most products in our Western diet are loaded with sugar. This mass amount of sugar in our food is one reason for many of our modern health problems. I experienced this myself when I was a kid and loved to eat everything sweet. Eventually I took it too far and ended up in a dental chair with lots of cavities. Even after I eliminated products that were loaded with sugar, such as soda and sweets, I still had new cavities every year. Since I learned about the Weston A Price diet I have been paying more attention to sugar in everyday products. I was surprised by the results. From seasoning to pasta sauce. Everything contains sugar.

Since then I have been working on finding products without sugar. In my search I discovered a new natural sweetener called Zsweet. This sweetener is from all natural ingrediences and does not cause tooth decay or raises blood sugar levels. Sounds too good to be true so I had to give it a try.

My judgment after two days: This product looks like sugar and tastes like sugar. No strange aftertaste or smell. The only negative thing is that it is not as sweet as regular sugar, so if you have a real sweet tooth you might have to use a little more. It also has it’s price like most healthy products. All together I am very positively surprised by this product and will probably buy it again. I found this in my local health food store. I haven’t seen it at any of the major stores yet.


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