Mar 23 2008

What to work on first?

If you want to optimize your life there are many areas that you can work on. I think this mainly depends on what you see the most important for you at this moment in time. A couple of years ago I was single and my main focus was on finding the right person to be with. I invested a lot of time in dating and learning about the dynamics of relationships. At that time it was the most important area for me so I focused a lot of energy on it. Today I am in a great relationship. I found a person I love with all my heart and I am very happy. I feel that this is partly due to the effort I put in finding the right person. As I read many times: If you put it out there the universe will give it to you.

I guess what I am trying to say is that everybody has his own area where he wants to improve in first. My list right now will most likely not exactly match everybody else’s list. However, I believe that there are certain basics in life that are important for everybody to be happy and succeed. Here are the areas of life optimization I focus in at the moment:

  1. Life healthy. – This entails eating healthy & natural food, using natural & organic products in every area of life, exercise on a regular basis and have a healthy mind.
  2. Build wealth. – I strongly believe that financial freedom is a must to live the life you want. My goal is to archive financial freedom by the age of 35 (I am 28 right now), so I can invest my time and money 100% into causes I believe in. To archive this I will build multiple sources of income, keep lifestyle inflation to a minimum, pay myself first and invest my money.
  3. Build relationships. – You can’t be successful in this world as an isolated human being. I therefore strive to meet new people that can help me on my way. The more positive and inspirational people I know there more successful I will be. At the same time I hope to inspire other people along the way to start investing in their own life.
  4. Learning. – Never stop learning has been my motto for a long time. Even if I learn new things every day I feel there is so much more to know. I like to learn in all areas of life. You can never know enough! At the moment I focus on learning more about healthy foods, food preparation, investing and building an online business.

I will document my progress here in this blog, so I can share my knowledge and experiences with other people. It will also help me to stay on track and concentrate on my goals.



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