May 29 2010

My top 3 online marketing forums

If you spend a lot of time doing online marketing and learning about it online marketing forums can be very helpful. They usually have some great people that can guide you along the way and a lot of great free information. From my experience you want to be careful though who you are listening to and that you spend more time implementing what you learn than reading on the forums.

Currently I am visiting 3 forums on a regular basis. These 3 forums have some grest information and people are very helpful. So far I have been reading and learning a lot from these forums, so my plan now is to participate more, since I haven’t done that too much and I feel it’s important for me to give back to people now that I am starting to see some real income from my online marketing effort.

Here are my top 3 forums. (If you know any other great online marketing forums just leave a comment)

1. Warrior Forum –

This is probably the oldest online marketing forum. A lot of amazing people are on this forum and they are always happy to help other marketers. They also have a paid option with access to the war room. I haven’t signed up yet, but I am considering it since I get so much value from this forum. Apart from the free information you can also learn about new products and get some real information apart from the launch hype you usually get when you are subscribed to online marketing newsletters. Just go to the warrior forum and type in the name of the product and usually you will find some helpful information.

I also like their WSOs, which are special offers, that can be very cheap and the quality is usually as good or even better than any other high priced online marketing product out there. I got some really great tips and tricks from WSOs that I have never heard anywhere else. Make sure to only buy WSOs from reputable people and read the reviews first before you buy.

Another reason why I like the warrior forum is that you can find people here to outsource tasks to such as writing, web design, programming, research, etc. Unfortunately they don’t allow any link building services anymore, and because of that I recommend the next forum.

2. Backlinks Forum –

This forum is fairly new, but it’s a great place to learn about link building. They also have a lot of people offering link building services for good prices. This can save you a lot of money and time. The forum is owned by Terry Kyle and he is a well known link building experts. When it comes to link building information this forum is my nr 1 source.

3. Vita Vee’s Forums –

This forum is by french marketer Vita Vee. He has some fantastic videos on market and keyword research¬† you need to check out.People on this forum are very open and knowledgeable. Vita Vee is on it a lot as well, so you can ask him direct questions. All in all there is not a lot of fluff on this forum and a lot of great information. I have not bought any of Vita Vee’s products yet, but the value he provides on this forum alone is amazing. It seems as if he really knows what he is talking about.

Well that’s it for my top3 forums. I am on another private forum that is great, but I will talk about that another time, since it requires some investment firs. All the online marketing forums above are free so they are a great place to start for anyone who wants to learn more about online marketing and improve his skills.


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