Jul 6 2008

Top 10 natural sunscreen products

Just in time for my vacation in Hawaii in August I found out about a study that evaluated over 1,000 sunscreen products for effectiveness and potential health hazards. I was shocked to learn that so many name brands are full of dangerous chemicals and only offer minimal protection. Click here to see the full list. Additional to the top ten list you can also download a free pdf with the most important facts about the study. I will look into the top ten products and see which one I will use for my Maui vacation. I got sunburned pretty badly last time I was in Hawaii, so this is an important issue to me. If your skin ever hurt so much that you couldn’t sleep you know what I mean…

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  1. Lee Deavers said:

    I created a google alert for sunscreen info…your blog was one of many results. This is the best info I found on sunscreens in months (need for g’babies).

    I see you are aware of Weston A Price; I have Sally Fallon’s book (Nourishing Traditions) and are still trying to change my eating habits. I have been making milk kefir and kombucha for nearly a year.

    I like your title: “Optimize Your Life…A quest for living a healthier, happier and better life”. I created a system I call PMS (Personal Mastery System) with the same end in view. My system employs all I have learned from hundreds of books on “time mgmt” and, of course, my own ideas. The system is assembled in binders like a Day-Timer planner (or Franklin Planner). I design and print my own “planner” pages around my life and not the other way around.

    When it comes to “time management” I do not think there is anything in the world that can match David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done”.

    I must admit, however, that “time mgmt” alone is not the means to the end. I have failed at two business ventures in my lifetime (I am 50). The last one (three years ago) took everything including my house and cars.

    Press Onward,

    July 6th, 2008 at 2:53 pm
  2. Ingo said:

    Hi Lee,

    I am very happy to hear that my post was helpful to you and that you like my blog. I have Nourishing Traditions as well and it’s the best book about food and nutrition I have ever read. Changing eating habits is definitely worth it. For me it is a step by step process. I am constantly working on integrating better foods into my life and evaluating all the things I eat on a daily basis.

    Time management is one of the things I really focus right now. Between having a job, working on my health and building my own business by the side there is not much time to waste. I understand that it is just one part of the puzzle to success, and I am sure I will have my fair share of failure until I will reach my goal of financial and health freedom.

    Your PMS system sound very interesting to me. Where can I learn more about it?

    July 7th, 2008 at 1:36 am
  3. tim aloi said:

    This is the perfect information I have been looking for to add to m site on sun safety. Thank you for the link. I hope you stay safe and shady on Maui in August just leave a little sun for me in September. Wish you a great vacation and will stay in tune to hear what you have done while there. Tim
    Keep up the quest on building your business, remember it is the journey that makes the destination.

    July 7th, 2008 at 1:57 am
  4. Ingo said:

    Hi Tim,

    I will definitely post about my Maui vacation in this blog. I have been on Oahu once and it was great. I don’t expect anything else but a fantastic time from Maui!

    It’s true what you say about the business. It’s a journey and I tend to forget that sometimes since it can get frustrating when you just start out and nothing seems to go your way. But I will keep working on it. I know others have done it before me, so I just need to listen, learn and take action.

    July 21st, 2008 at 5:38 am


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