Mar 2 2008

The reason for this blog?

I personally feel that blogs are a great tool for sharing, education, growing and learning. This blog will be a record of my journey through life and my discoveries. I like to record my progress and share it with like minded people out there. I was thinking about starting a blog for a while, but I didn’t had the feeling that I was ready for it. Something was missing. The clear purpose for writing it. Today something happened to me that changed everything…

Let’s start from the beginning: Since I was a kid growing up I was always interested in things that could make my life better. Everytime life confronted me with a problem I wanted to find a way to solve it. I realized that unlike most people I don’t see life as something that happens to you. For me life was always about changing myself and finding ways for advancement. Often I feel very unique with this approach. Not many people understand this. Most people don’t like change and avoid it like hell. For me change is essential for life. Change makes life interesting and change helps me to be the person I want to be. Change is also difficult sometimes. Change means a lot of dicipline and frustration. Change means to constantly question yourself and your environment. It means question everything until you find the answer that really satisfies you. Change is not easy.

Since I like to challenge things in all areas of life the concept for a blog was never clear to me. I like to change my health, but didn’t want to soley concentrate on it. I like to change my finacial education, but didn’t want to start a financial blog. I like to learn about communication and relationships, but didn’t want to start a realtionship blog. Finally one concept that I use in my job as an online marketer stuck in my head. It was “optimization”. In my job I do a lot of web site optimization. I help people to increase their traffic to their websites and their rankings in the search engines. A process that makes a average websites into a popular place. I suddenly realized that this concept applies to me too. What I am doing by constantly educating and advancing myself in different areas of life was nothing else but life optimization. So this is what this blog is about: life optimization.

My goal is to document everything while I optimize my life step for step and maybe somebody that reads this will be able to use my information to optimize their own life. This blog will cover all areas of life that can be optimized. Basically everything. However I will only cover what I am working on (which is a lot). Themes will be about finances, health, education, spirituality, jobs, relationships and much more. I am excited for this journey to begin. Enough the talk. Let’s get started…



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