Jul 26 2008

Social Media Marketing on Twitter and Squidoo

Last week was a very interesting week when it comes to social media marketing. It seems like 2 new heavyweights of social media are emerging, Twitter and Squidoo. Since I joined Twitter in June the buzz has been getting bigger and bigger. Twitter has seen an immense increase in new members and all big names of online marketing are catching up too.

This has also causes major issues like long periods of downtimes (the whale). Last week a major breakdown occured when all over sudden peoples followers were deleted and nobody was able to use Twitter for a whole day. Since Twitter lives by a constant stream of new messages this caused quite an uproar in the Twitter community.

Despite the trouble Twitter is still a great tool for networking and online marketing. If you have considered joining Twitter there couldn’t be a better time. For starters 2 new free Twitter guides were published last week. One is an ebook by Joel Comm and the other a video guide by Harris Fellman. Both seasoned internet marketers.

For advanced twitter users Twitter Squeeze opened is doors. This membership site shows Twitter users how to be more effective on Twitter and how to use it as an effective online marketing tool. Since the price is $20 until the end of July (it will go up after that) it was a no brainer for me to sign up. So far the content is great and I am very excited to learn more advanced Twitter marketing strategies.

Another social media site that is gaining momentum in the online marketing community is Squidoo. Squidoo is a great site where users can publish free webpages (lenses) without any html knowledge. This website is especially good for targeting long tail keyword phrases in the organic search engine rankings. I haven’t really used Squidoo a lot even if I knew how effective it is. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t waste my time. Well last week another great ebook was released that finally answered all my questions about Squidoo and also offers a step by step manual how to effective market on Squidoo. The ebook is called “The Secret Cash Machine On Squidoo” and I can recommend it to anybody that wants to learn how to use Squidoo to make money online.

With all these new developments in social media marketing I am curious to see what comes next. If you want to follow me on Twitter click here.


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