Apr 4 2008

Raw milk under attack in California!

Raw milk under attack!A new law could mean the end to raw milk in California. AB 1735 is the name of this new initiative that would require all raw milk to be tested for a bacteria that causes no known harm to humans. This is an attack on the raw food producers and consumer who take their health in their own hands.

Is the milk industry scared that more people wake up an realize that the dead and polluted product called milk that is sold in the stores is not a healthy product? Why else this effort to destroy a growing industry for a perfectly healthy product.

On April 15th hearings are held in Sacramento that can send a powerful message to the politicians that will decide on this. Learn more about these hearing here. Another way to support the fight for raw milk is to make a donation to the farm-to-consumer foundation and give them a voice to speak out against this unconstitutional law.

Click here to learn more about what else you can do today to stop the attack on raw milk!


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