Jun 15 2008

Play To Win Los Angeles Seminar Review

Last weekend my wife and I went to the Play To Win seminar at the Los Angeles convention center. We learned about this seminar at the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar earlier this year. Both seminars were free of charge, so there was really no reason not to go. We really loved the Millionaire Mind seminar and it changed our life in a major way. My wife started her own business and I started to focus on my online business.

We decided to go to the Play To Win mainly to meet people and promote our businesses. We didn’t expect the seminar to be any different than any other seminar we had been to but we were totally wrong. The seminar was on for 3 days from Friday to Sunday. On Friday we had to arrive later since I had to go to work in the morning. When we arrived in the afternoon the seminar was already in full effect. Surprisingly there were only around 40 attendance at the seminar. Compared to the Millionaire Mind with 2000 people this was a very small event.

Soon we found out why there was such a limited amount of people. Play To Win is not an actual seminar. It is more an interactive event where business skills are taught through games. First I thought that this would not work and was not very excited. Once the first game started I saw how effective this method really was. Just like in life you are thrown into new situations with certain rules and need to figure out what to do to win the game. Most games are played in teams which helps to learn about teamwork and leadership skills. The first day was over around 9pm at night and we were more than excited for the next day.

Saturday and Sunday started with reviewing the lessons learned from the second day. Then the new games started. All games were a lot of fun and a great learning experience. In our society where we are used to sit in class rooms and listen to someone talking this active way of learning is totally underrated. During the games and the breaks I met so many cool people and made a lot of interesting connections. The games make it so easy to learn business skills in real life scenarios. The trainers did a great job of making the games as realistic as possible. The program founder Clinton was present all weekend and took the time to answer everybody’s questions.

The biggest lessons for me were that I can do far more than I sometimes think and that I need to ask for teaching more often. Frontier Trainings also offers a great membership program with many advanced games. We are thinking about joining the program since we liked it so much. The whole weekend was totally sales free. Only in the last hour of the course Clinton was presenting his membership program. This happened without any hard selling tactics or pressure. The whole concept for Frontier Trainings is more to promote the membership though the quality of the free seminar. In my own opinion this was by far the best seminar/course I have ever been to. A great unique learning experience and I can only advice anybody who lives close to San Diego where most free seminars are currently held to take this free 3 day course.


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