Mar 23 2009

New post with new layout

After a long break from blogging I decided to re-activate this blog with a great new theme from Unique Blog Designs.

I have been extremely busy with my affiliate marketing business since the last time I posted. I have learned a lot and I feel that it is time for me to share some of the things I have learned. One thing is for sure. Affiliate marketing is no get rich quick scheme. There is a lot of work invoved and all the successful marketers I have met had similar stories of many failures and a lot of work until they got successfull.

I feel i am on the right path and I am getting closer to my goals. It is a step by step process, but it is definitely worth it. To setup your campaign and see it finally making money is the greatest feeling in the world.

I promise to keep this blog updated more regularly from now on, so I can share my knowledge with the world and help other marketers who are in a similar situation!


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