Jun 18 2010

New free SEO plugin for WordPress

I just came across a new free seo plugin for WordPress. This one is very cool, since it gives you great information on what long tail kewyords people use to find you and it gives you the option to add these as tags to your pages, so you can increase your rankings for these long tail terms.

The plugin is called SEO power and you can get it here for free. You have to sign up to his list, but if you don’t like it just hit the Unsubscribe link once you get the plugin.

Mark Dulisse is giving it away for his launch. I have not bought his course, so I don’t know how good the rest of his stuff is, but this plugin is pretty cool. I am testing it right now on a couple of my blogs and I am interested to see if this helps me to pickup some more traffic from the search engines.

Oh I forget to mention if you install the plugin it also gives you a list of the best SEO plugins directly in your WordPress plugin, so you can add them to your blog if don’t have them installed already. Not sure how long this plugin will be offered for free, so make sure to get it asap.


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