May 3 2008

How to open a coconut

How to open a coconutCoconuts are a great nutritional food and are worth giving a try if you haven’t done yet.

Health benefits of coconuts include:

- Reduce the risk of heart disease
- Lower your cholesterol
- Improve Crohn’s, IBS, and other digestive disorders
- Prevent other disease and routine illness with its powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents
- Increase metabolism and promotes healthy thyroid function
- Boost your daily energy
- Rejuvenate your skin and prevent wrinkles

You can buy coconuts at any good grocery or health food store. Many people are afraid to buy a coconut because they don’t know how to open them and think this is difficult. This is far from true. In this post I will show you step-by-step how to open a coconut in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: You need the following: a coconut, a hammer, a kitchen towel and a pocket knife.

Coconut, Knife, Hammer

Step 2: Your pocket knife needs a sharp pick (if you don’t have this you can also use a long nail). Now set the pick on one of the three dark spots on the coconut top. This part of the coconut is the thinnest and you should be able to hammer it in easily.

Make a hole into coconut

Step 3: Widen the hole in the coconut until it fits a straw. Use the straw to drink the coconut water (very tasty and refreshing!).

Use a straw to drink the coconut juice

Step 4: After drinking all the juice make 2 more holes where the two other dark spots are on the coconut.

Two more holes in the coconut

Step 5. Take your towel out and wrap the coconut in the towel. This will keep everything clean and helps to avoid splinters.

Wrap the coconut in a towel

Step 6: Hammer the wrapped coconut until it cracks. This takes a little bit of muscle power. Start hammering directly at the spot between the three holes you made. This way cracking the nut should be easy.

Crack the coconut with a hammer

Step 7: As soon as the coocnut is cracked use your hammer to widen the crack and split the coocnut in half.

Split the coconut in 2 halves

Step 8: Now use your knife to cut out the meat. Just cut out small pieces or stripes. You might have to lift the meat up from the shell with the knife. This takes a little bit of work, but once you have the hang of it it is not that hard anymore.

Use a knife to cut out the meat

Cutting out the emat step-by-step

Step 9: Finally you can enjoy the tasty coconut meat. This is also a great healthy snack. Keep it refrigerated so it stays fresh.

The coconut is ready to eat!


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