May 29 2010

My top 3 online marketing forums

If you spend a lot of time doing online marketing and learning about it online marketing forums can be very helpful. They usually have some great people that can guide you along the way and a lot of great free information. From my experience you want to be careful though who you are listening to [...]

Oct 14 2008

My top free password management programs

If you work a lot on the computer and the internet password management can be a major factor of frustration. If you don’t have a system to manage your online passwords sooner or later you face either one of 2 problems: 1. You use the same password on all your online accounts, which can be [...]

Aug 31 2008

My top 5 list of things to do in Maui Hawaii

Here is my report from my wedding/honeymoon/vacation in Maui. First of all I have to say that Maui is a wonderful place. My wife and I had a great relaxing time and a wonderful wedding ceremony. We stayed in a beautiful condo in South Kihei which has the most amazing beaches on the island (and [...]

Aug 7 2008

On the way to Maui

I will take a break from the online world for the next 10 days and relax on the beach in Maui. Also my wife and I will renew our vows on Saturday. It will be a small and intimate ceremony with our closest friends and family. I am very excited to go to Maui, since [...]

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Mar 23 2008

What to work on first?

If you want to optimize your life there are many areas that you can work on. I think this mainly depends on what you see the most important for you at this moment in time. A couple of years ago I was single and my main focus was on finding the right person to be [...]

Mar 2 2008

The reason for this blog?

I personally feel that blogs are a great tool for sharing, education, growing and learning. This blog will be a record of my journey through life and my discoveries. I like to record my progress and share it with like minded people out there. I was thinking about starting a blog for a while, but [...]




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