Nov 18 2008

Affiliate Marketing Progress

I know I haven’t been writing on this blog for a while. It seems the busier I get with my online marketing the less time I spend posting on this blog. It should be way different, since I really have a lot to talk about. However, I spend any free minute working on my affiliate business right now and my blog is just second. I will definitly work on this, so I can update here more often. For now let me give a quick overview over my recent progress.

Last month I visited Ken McArthur’s JV Alert which was the best online marketing event I have been to so far. 3 days full off information and great networking opportunities. I meet some truly amazing marketers such as: Rick Butts, Paul Counts, Carrie Wilkerson, Dave Lakhani, Jonathan van Clute, Carl Zetterlund and many more. This event truly got me motivated to get more serious with my business. There are really no more excuses if you see what other people have been able to accomplish in far more difficult situations.

When I cam back from Vegas I signed up for PPC classroom, since I realized that PPC marketing is truly my strongpoint and it is also the area of online marketing that interests me the most. I have been following Amit Mehta and Anik Singal for a while and truly admire their work. Amit is one of the most real and honest online marketers I have ever seen.

As soon as I got the course I started to emerge myself into the material. The whole program is structured as an online class with lessons and tests at the end of each lesson. In combination with videos Amit does a truly great job explaining his PPC strategies. In the beginning I was worried this course would only be the same old PPC info I already found in other courses and ebooks. Oh how was I wrong. The information in this course is unique and really amazing. Amit’s techniques make PPC marketing so much more efficient and easier.

I have to admit I was so impressed by his info that I instantly started setting up campaigns. Every free minute of my day I am working on my campaigns and right now I have 4 full blown campaigns running and already made some sales. I am extremely exited for my business now, since I feel I really undestand PPC much better. I see things I never saw before and I have no doubt that I will be able to earn a full time income from PPC in the not to distant future. I am already working on my next campaign and plan to give regular updates on my progress on this blog. As Carl would say “It’s a hustle”. For me that just means “Hustle harder!”.

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  1. Carl Zetterlund said:

    Awesome man. Looking forward to your success post!

    November 22nd, 2008 at 5:38 pm


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