meMy name is Ingo and I am the author of this blog. I am currently living in Orange County, CA and work in my own marketing agency. I was born in Germany and lived there most of my life. In 2004 I met my wife while traveling through the US on a greyhound bus. We fell in love and I decided to move to Southern California. This was more complicated than it sounds. First I had to complete my degree in business before I could start looking for a job out here. Eventually I was successful and now we can enjoy our life together. I have always been eager to learn new things and expand my horizon. I love traveling, reading and photography. The goal of this blog is to document my learnings for myself and for the rest of the world and help to promote a more positive lifestyle. I hope when people read my blog they will take some inspiration with them how to optimize their own life.

I have a passion for everything related to online marketing. My personal goal is to build my own online business and eventually archive financial freedom. Despite my knowledge of online marketing I still work on making it work for myself. On this blog I will document my progress and share what I learn on the way.

I am always interested to meet like-minded individuals, so don’t hesitate to leave your comments or contact me



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